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Attracting people and businesses back to Lygon Street

Lygon Street is one of Melbourne’s most iconic destinations. It’s that wonderful memory of sunny mornings, freshly ground coffee, the crisp air, meeting friends for breakfast, fresh baked deliveries sitting outside restaurant doors, traders laughing and chatting as the day begins. 

Unfortunately, Lygon Street is facing perhaps its most challenging period. Vacant space has reached record levels and the pandemic has created operating challenges never before experienced. Lygon Street, is suffering.


This program is designed to bring life back onto the streets, and help revitalise Lygon Street for the future. To achieve this, we’re working with local stakeholders and businesses, along with national and international brands to deliver a program of pop-ups, creative installations and aesthetic upgrades. Not just food, coffee and retail, but a crafted mix of experiences that will invite a new dynamic, and reinvigorate the traditional culture of Lygon Street and provide fresh opportunity for all.

Benefits of a pop up?

Test a new location

So, you’ve heard of Lygon Street, but have they heard of you? Activations are a great way to test a new market, reach new customers, and create brand awareness.

Trial new formats

Maybe you’re an online business, catering company, or B2B service. This could be your chance to trial brick-and-mortar and sell directly to customers. A short-term pop-up is a low-risk way to see if this format is right for you. 

Collaborate with others

A huge way to boost your brand is to partner up. If you make the pasta and your mate makes the sauce, why not come together to create something unmissable for a short time only?

Make the most of seasons

If your products are highly seasonal, take advantage of a pop-up space to showcase or move stock. This can work well in the lead up to your peak period, or when you want to clear your inventory in an after-season sale. 

Stay nimble while you grow

There’s still a lot of uncertainty and if you’ve been innovating like mad to stay ahead, maybe you want to keep it that way? Short-term hires allow you to stay agile and make quick decisions if your business or services need to change.

Launch a new passion

Some available venues have useful equipment and fittings, including commercial kitchens and cool rooms. These features lower the cost of experimenting with new products and services. 

Want to get involved?

We have just re-opened our EOI period for the second round of pop-ups and are currently helping new businesses to move in. The program has been extended, and will now run until February 2023. To stay informed, please follow us on Instagram or join our mailing list.

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